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League Cup


>Thank You for Attending<

Happy to announce that Kirwan's Game Store will be hosting the Sun & Moon Lost Thunder League Cup on Saturday, December 29th.

Preregister for a chance to win a Lost Thunder Elite Trainer Box!

Registration Starts 8:00AM Registration ends at 9:55AM.

Entry fee $15.00 for all players. Limited Edition Promo is available for the first 100 players that sign up for the tournament.

Deck registration is required for this event! Blank Sheets are available on site.

This tournament is EXPANDED FORMAT. BEST OF 3 + 3 TURNS WITH A TOP CUT. Top cut will be determined upon attendance in your division.

Prize Support will be based on attendance, with 4 packs per person entered into the prize pool, broken down by your division. If there are more than 32 players in an age division prizes will be handed out to top 16.

Masters, Sr's & Jr's

1st Place – Packs, Exclusive Championship Playmat

2nd Place - Packs

3rd/4th Place - Packs

5th-8th Place - Packs

**Prize Support is the Sun & Moon Lost Thunder**

**Pokémon Company International supplies the promos and playmats for this event. There is a chance that these supplies will not available the day of the event and will be shipped to players when they become available**

FREE PARKING in Downtown Catskill on the weekends.