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Heroclix Fall 2017 WKO

Fall 2017 WKO

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Entry Fee - $15.00
Save $5.00 using the coupon code EARLYREG

300 points Modern Age Constructed 

Swiss rounds with a cut to Single elimination. Number of rounds and top cut based on attendance. 

2017 WizKids Rules

Registration starts when store opens at 10:00 AM, build sheets must be turned in by 10:55 AM. 

Prize Support:

1st Place: Age of Apocalypse Shadowcast, Bishop, Black King, Forge exclusive figures, Colossus ID card, and qualification for U.S. Nationals (Qualification will be given to highest racked player without qualification.) 

2nd Place: Bishop, Black King, Forge exclusive figures ,Colossus ID card. 

3rd Place: Black King, Forge exclusive figures, Colossus ID card. 

4th Place: Black King, Forge exclusive figures, Colossus ID card. 

5th - 8th Places: Forge exclusive figure, Colossus ID card.

9th - 16th Places: Colossus ID card.  

Prize support scales at 32+ players.

Side Events: 

"Grab & Go" - 4 player pods 
Buy 1 Designated 5 figure booster and choose 3 figures to play. On the map will be 4 special tokens. Each token will be assigned a symbol which will correspond to a prize. When a character occupies the same square as a special token give that character a power action to place the token on that character's card. When that character is KOed place the special token in the last square the character occupied. When a character with a special token occupies it's starting area give it a power to remove the character and the token from the game. Upon the completion of the game any tokens may be turned in for the corresponding prize. Prize pool includes, LEs, Heroclix boosters and store gift cards.

FREE PARKING in downtown Catskill.