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Ante - DR1-EN089 - Common - Unlimited Edition

Ante - DR1-EN089 - Common - Unlimited Edition

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Extra Info

Card Type: Normal Spell
Passcode: 34236961
Monster Type:
Set: Dark Revelations 1
Rarity: Common
Card Number: DR1-EN089
Card Text: Each Player selects 1 card from his/her hand, then looks at the Level of the selected cards. The card with more Levels returns to the hand of the player who selected it. The player who selected the card with fewer Levels takes 1000 Life Points damage and sends the card to the Graveyard. If a non-Monster Card is selected, it is treated as Level 0. If they are the same Level, each player returns his/her card to his/her hand.
Attribute: Spell
Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. If 'Ante' is the only card in your hand, you cannot activate it. If your opponent has no cards in his hand, you cannot activate 'Ante'. You select cards at the resolution of 'Ante''s effect, not at 'Ante''s activation. You cannot chain 'Barrel Behind the Door' to 'Ante' because you don't know for certain whether you will take damage. If either player chains 'Raigeki Break' or 'Last Turn' to 'Ante' and then has no cards at resolution of 'Ante''s effect, 'Ante''s effect disappears. When 'A Legendary Ocean' is active and you activate 'Ante', when you check the Level, treat the Levels of WATER monsters in the hand as 1 lower for purposes of 'Ante'. [Re: Barrel Behind the Door] You cannot activate 'Barrel Behind the Door' against effects if you don't know for certain that they will inflict damage when the effect is activated. So you cannot activate it against 'Dice Jar', 'Judgment of Anubis', 'Time Wizard' or 'Ante'. Your cannot activate 'Barrel Behind the Door' against 'Ceasefire' if all monsters on the field are face-down, or if all monsters on the field are face-up Normal Monsters, but you can activate it against 'Ceasefire' if there is at least 1 face-up Effect Monster on the field.
Name: Ante
Edition: Unlimited
Pendulum Scale: