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Expansion Pack 1: Generations

Expansion Pack 1: Generations

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Continue exploring the world of Argos with Expansion Pack Generations! Enhance any existing Atgent Saga deck with 15 never-before-seen cards, Five (5) Full-Art Guardians, and five (5) Champions, Expansion Pack:1 Generations contains one (1) of each card, Guaranteed. Look out for random Preium Packs containing foil variants of every card!

As war tears apart the landscape, Metaial, the Sealed Celestial awakens, unleashing his power to destroy the world he helped create. Brand new Legendary Shards contain the sealed essence of Spirits, lying dormant until thier power is called upon. Easch Element has powerful new allies to call upon such as Fire's Burning Blitzer, whitch can take out multiple Towers the same it it is played! Every deck can find something to reach new heights in Expansion Pack 1: Generations!

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Release Date: 09/12/19