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>>>Registration is Closed<<< 

(KGS|Poughkeepsie prerelease does not have pre-registration. You can sign up the day of the event.) 


Prerelease Pizza Party on Saturday, October 19th - Capped at 40 players 

Pokemon and pizza, a match made in Kanto! Join us for our famous Pokemon pizza party prerelease. Seating is limited, so preregister now.

 Pizza Party! We will be providing free pizza to players and parents who attend our event. 
Event Details
Each player will receive a Prerelease Deck that contains 4 Sun & Moon Cosmic Eclipse booster packs and 1 support pack. Each support pack contains 22 key cards from current and prior sets, plus 1 of 4 Prerelease promo cards.
Event will be run with age modified Swiss rounds Best of 1 with 20 minute rounds. All Energy cards will be provided. Energy cards MUST be returned at the end of the tournament. Upon the return of the energy cards each player will receive 2 additional packs for participating in the event.
1 pack per person entered into the prize pool. There will be door prizes!!!