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Modern Horizons Prerelease

 Registration is Now Open


Entry: $50

Join us for our Modern Horizons Prerelease Weekend.
Saturday, June 8th.

The entry fee for this event is $50.00

Format: Each event is a sealed prerelease event. Players will receive six packs of Modern Horizons, and a Participation Promo, not playable in the Prerelease events.

Prize support will be based upon standings after the events. Additional prizes will be given away throughout the weekend.

MIDNIGHT IS BACK! For this event only one of our events will be a Midnight Prerelease (KGS|Catskill).

Please pay careful attention, we are requiring a pre-registration for this event. All three Modern Horizons prereleases have a CAP!



SATURDAY: 12:00 AM Sealed - CAP 64 Players <<<CLICK HERE TO REGISTER>>>

SATURDAY: 10:00 AM Sealed - CAP 32 Players <<<CLICK HERE TO REGISTER>>>

SATURDAY: 3:00 PM Sealed - CAP 16 Teams (32 Players) <<<CLICK HERE TO REGISTER>>>