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Theros Beyond Death Prerelease




Registration Is Now Open 

Entry: $30

Join us to celebrate Theros Beyond Death Prerelease Weekend.

The entry fee for this event is $30.00
Use coupon code EARLYREG to save $5.00! (KGS|Catskill ONLY)

Format: Each event is a sealed prerelease event. Players will receive a kit of Theros Beyond Death. Inside the kit there will be a stamped promo and 6 packs of Theros Beyond Death.

Prize support will be based upon ranking and/or number of wins. Additional prizes will be given away throughout the weekend.

We're now holding prerelease on Friday!  

January 17TH:

FRIDAY: 6:30 PM Sea
led -  <<<Click Here>>>

FRIDAY: 6:30 PM Sealed

 January 18TH:

SATURDAY: 10:00 AM Sealed -  <<<Click Here>>>
SATURDAY: 2:00 PM 2HG Sealed -  <<<Click Here>>
SATURDAY: 5:00 PM Sealed -  <<<Click Here>>>

SATURDAY: 1:00 PM Sealed
SATURDAY: 6:00 PM Sealed

January 19TH:

SUNDAY: 11:00 AM Sealed - <<<Click Here>>>
SUNDAY: 4:00 PM 2HG Sealed - <<<Click Here>>>

SUNDAY: 1:00 PM Sealed